Gold Resists the Entropic Laws of Decay.

Published: 02nd December 2009
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On a previous article, I wrote about envy and about how greater minds are feared by lesser minds. How your greatness reminds others of what they could not accomplish and about how scared they feel to see you living your dreams, while they sit in a corner dreaming their life. In this article, I would like to talk about Gold.

Have you ever wondered why Gold is so valuable? In times of crisis, people buy and sell gold. Look at the streets, at the TV and Newspapers. Businesses that buy your ´old or unwanted gold´ are booming .Every civilization on earth has used Gold in one significant way or the other. Look at the ancient cultures in Latin America where corn was used as the currency but Gold was offered to the Gods because it reminded them of the Sun. The Spaniards associated Gold with wealth and even today, we stick to that association.

If you find a sunken treasure, gold will be intact. If you find an ancient burial site in Egypt or Colombia, gold will still remain intact. Gold resists the entropic laws of Decay. The definition of entropy is ´the degradation of matter and energy to an ultimate estate of inert uniformity.´ What this means is that Gold resists the degradation of its matter, Gold does not decay. This is why Gold is so valuable.

So as much as I would love to write a Science article, my point this time is to relate the properties of Gold to the qualities of your mind and your legacy to the world. Great minds are like Gold. They don't decay. Great minds survive centuries and are studied and admired by many future generations. The work of Great minds is like Gold, it is resistant to the passing of time.

Look at the teachings of Socrates thousands of years ago. Even today, the dialogues between Socrates and Plato, teach us the core fundamentals of Politics. Listen to the music of Vivaldi, still beautiful, still genius. Watch the paintings of Titian, you can argue if the contemporary art has produced someone as influential as him. There is not a Golden mind in any field that has not endured the test of time.

We were born with unique talents. The apostle Paul said ´we have different Gifts, according to the grace given us.´ Why not use that special talent bestowed upon us and use our great mind to turn that talent into Gold. It is no different than turning Lead into Gold. We are powerful alchemists capable of transforming ourselves into great masters.

As you read this, stop for a moment and ask yourself: do I know what my Gift is?

If you don't know the answer to this question, right now, right this minute, look around you, because the answer is staring right at you.

I asked myself the same question many years ago. I sat in my living room at home, and I asked myself: what is my Gift? What is it that I love the most in this world? What is it that I want to dedicate my life to? All that I could see around me was my huge collection of books. I loved books, there were books everywhere, big books, antique books, luxury books, paperback novels, books with jackets, books in Spanish, books in Arabic, books in English, second hand books, even my own home made books. Books, books and books. But it could not be! I worked in the Oil Industry. My Gift had to be in the Oil Industry, after all I spent already a third of my life becoming a Petroleum Engineer and then working as one. My Gift had to be there, so I thought.

When I finally realized my Gift years later, I chose to dedicate my life to books. I am now the owner of a Book Publishing Company, and I am a writer. I spend my life reading, writing and making books. There is nothing in the world that makes me happier. My books are my masterpiece and my legacy. Books are my Gift, and if I am going to leave a legacy to the world and survive the pass of time, it is going to be through my books.

If you read this at home, look around you, look without judging, just look. Your Gift is reflected in your home. You know your Gift, it stares at you every day. It can be anything, just become conscious of it, because unconsciously you must have already brought it into your life.

I am not joking when I say that if still you don't know what your Gift is and your friends make fun of your thousand pair of shoes' collection, it may be that your real love is for shoes. So maybe it is time to start designing your own brand. You may become the competition to Mr. Christian Louboutin.

Gold survives the entropic laws of decay. So does your greatness. All it takes is to look around and find your Gift. Time will reveal it to you anyway, but why wait until you near the end to figure it out? Use your Gift to become great. You are Gold, you only have to remember it.

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